Wealth Management

Are your emotions putting your retirement at risk?

Studies have shown that emotional reactions to the stock market's ups and downs negatively impact investors' overall returns.

Campbell Financial Group has access to a disciplined program that minimizes the emotional side of investing and attempts to capture market returns.  The program uses a unique philosophy derived from Nobel Prize-winning concepts and invests in low-cost, efficient investment vehicles.

David E. Campbell and Thomas J. Campbell are investment adviser reps of Forum Financial Management LP.  Forum is composed of a multidiscipliniary team of professionals including Certified Financial Planners™, Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants and attorneys.  Forum serves a variety of affluent clients including individuals, business owners, corporate and medical professionals, and their families.

For more information please visit Forum's webpage www.forumfin.com and the representative pages for David E. Campbell and Thomas J. Campbell.